Dubi Benjamini der Spezialist aus Israel für Lycaenidae-Schmetterlinge

Dubi Benyamini
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. & The Israeli Lepidopterists Society

Dubi Benyamini was born in 1941, in Haifa, under Mandatory British Palestine. In high school, he studied at the Haifa Re’ali, and later he obtained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (1963) and a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering (1965) from the Technion. He served in the Israeli Airforce as an engineer (1963-1969), and, after finishing his military service, he joined the IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.), where he was involved in the engineering of tens of aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. Since 2006, Benyamini is the (founding) manager of the Micro Robotics Labs in the Military Aircraft Group of IAI. Since 2007, he is the CEO of 4D MicroRobotics Ltd.

Benyamini is also the President of the Israeli Lepidopterists Society and a world authority of the biology of the blues (Butterfly family Lycaenidae) of Southern South American Andes and Patagonia. He is an amateur Lepidopterist from the age of 9. He discovered over 30 species new to science. He is the author of 2 books and over 200 scientific papers on butterflies.


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